Safeway on Piney Branch Road closed for mice

Photo: Paul S via Flickr

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - A popular Safeway grocery store in Northwest Washington is closed and under investigation by the Health Department. A customer reported the store on Piney Branch Road after seeing mice there.

Mary Davis takes a bus from Northeast Washington to the Safeway. This is where she always buys the rotisserie chicken she takes back to her elderly neighbor.

“Never heard of no mice or nothing in there before,” she says.

D.C.’s Health Department shut down the store Thursday over six violations, one of them being mice and rats.

"Location is infested with vermin, mice and rats… mice feces observed throughout the deli prep area," the health report says.

Rat feces was found in the bakery prep room and on a cutting board below open panels.{ } A report also says mice were seen on a glue trap near a cleaning supply storage rack on the floor.

The health inspector checked out the store and had it closed.

It’s tough for neighbors who rely on the store daily, like Larry Parker.

“If you have mice in one place you have them everywhere. It’s just the one that got caught," he says.

A store spokesperson says, in part, “In the winter, mice like to come inside where it’s warm, especially in places where there is food. Most businesses in the city can attest to this fact.”