Rushern Baker vows to find the money to make safety upgrades in Prince George's County

Prince George's County Executive Rushern Baker.

County Executive Rushern Baker says Prince George's County needs a major overhaul of its infrastructure to make safety upgrades. He's proposing tens of millions of dollars for street lights and sidewalks.

Since 2008 there have been 81 pedestrian fatalities in the county.
Among the major problems are the long busy stretches--like one on Central Avenue--with cars travelling at high rates of speed and no sidewalks for pedestrians to walk. It's a deadly combination.

The three most dangerous roadways are Indian Head Highway, Pennsylvania Avenue, and University Boulevard.

Baker has made improving the infrastructure a top priority. He wants to build sidewalks where there are none, and add traffic and street lights.

But there just isn't enough money to make the necessary changes. Federal and state funding has all but dried up and the problem areas like Pennsylvania Avenue near Silver Hill Road are numerous.

Although the state spends $19 million per year maintaining roads in the county, there is little money to make improvements.

And today there are still no sidewalks or guardrails on long stretches of road .

Baker admits it's going to be tough, but he vows to somehow find the money to improve the infrastructure and make roads safe for everyone.