Rush Plus not working out exactly as planned, officials say

Photo: Jay Westcott

In June, Metro rolled out its brand new Rush Plus rail schedule, which was launched as a way to relieve crowding on some of the system's busiest trains at the busiest time of day.

However, according to WTOP's Adam Tuss, some WMATA officials are less than pleased with the results of Rush Plus, which was launched three months ago Saturday.

According to Tuss, per Metro officials, riders of Metro's Blue Line are not switching to the Yellow Line, which now runs more frequently during rush hour, in the numbers they hoped to see. The concept of Rush Plus was to increase the number of Orange and Yellow Line trains going into the downtown D.C. core during peak periods.

By doing that, though, Metro took away three Blue Line trains per hour during peak periods.

Tuss reports that in an attempt to entice Blue Line riders to use the Yellow Line, some passengers will receive free $5 farecards next week.