Running red lights an issue of safety in D.C. neighborhood

Over and over again, city circulator buses, vans, and even cop cruisers were caught running red lights in the left turn onto Columbia Road from 18th Street.

Mitchell Polman lobbied the city to put signage up at the Adams Morgan intersection, but, he says that it continues to be a trouble spot for pedestrians like himself.

“I've nearly been hit a couple of times… With cars just tear right around and they're not paying any attention to whether anyone is in the crosswalk. And they're running the red light,” said Adams Morgan resident Polman.

When ABC7 asked a truck driver why he illegally turned left on the red arrow, he said that he had not seen the light.

So what is to blame? Is it the driver or how quickly the arrow turns from green to red in only six seconds?

We showed what we captured to DDOT, which is in charge of the city's circulator buses and intersections, and officials say now they're taking action to make this intersection safer.

"I appreciate the fact you're bringing it to my attention. That is so important...that allows me to jump into gear and touch base with the appropriate parties to make sure we address it," said DDOT Spokesperson{ }Monica Hernandez.

For any issues, DDOT can be reached at{ }(202) 567-3040.