Runaway truck crashes into Bethesda home

(WJLA) - Sherri Sloan-Bohinc and her husband want their daughters to feel safe in their Bethesda yard. But it was anything but safe for them last Friday when this Bray & Scarff truck came crashing through – all the way into the house!

Just minutes before the accident, the girls had been on this couch with their grandmother.

“The drywall and the moulding had just shot clear across to the kitchen -- I mean there were giant shards all over the couch,” says Sherri, who shudders thinking about what could have happened.

“Just to even think that they could be laying here with a truck coming barreling through the wall is probably every parent's worst nightmare."

The driver was out of the truck making deliveries when the parked vehicle, full of appliances, rolled down Kirby Road. Then the truck took out concrete blocks before crashing into the house.

The only thing stopping the out-of-control vehicle was the retaining wall and the stone fireplace. The driver came running, apologizing in tears, and Bray & Scarff tell ABC 7 that they are working with the homeowners and trying to determine the cause of the accident.

Neighbors say they were stunned by the noise and the sight of the delivery truck. Due to safety concerns, the family had to move out of the house until insurance investigators could determine that it was safe to return.