Roosevelt High named among nation's best schools

Lining the halls of Roosevelt High School in Greenbelt are endless trophies and banners, giving a sense of what student success is really all about.

The Prince George’s County high school is featured in a new book called “The Achievable Dream,” touting it as one of the best schools in the country.

“I was really excited to see how the author brought in Martin Luther King to say that if he wanted to see how his dream was being achieved Roosevelt would be a model for that,” Principal Reginald McNeill said.

The school has seven national merit scholars, seven national achievement scholarship recipients and seven national Hispanic honorees. Furthermore, numbers indicate that Roosevelt has more African American students passing an{ }advance placement{ }exam than any other school in the country.

“Just looking at the diversity of the students that we have here and how they come together and really focus on academics and success, it’s just amazing,” McNeil said.

Senior Aengus McCoy loves the fact that there are so many different races, nationalities and people in the student body.

“So you can learn from each other and there's a lot of classes offered too,” McCoy said.

In addition to the dozens of AP classes, Roosevelt is also home to more than 100 after-school clubs, teams and groups.

Junior Najah Brown says it’s that well-rounded experience that makes Roosevelt students achieve their dreams.

“I want to start my own business or work with TV production - I took business last year and I’m taking TV production two this year along with my other APS and they are going to help a lot,” Brown said.