Ronald Hamlin, Evelyn Hamlin, Michelle Terrell arrested on animal cruelty charges

Rocky when she was found (left) and now (right). (Photo courtesy Washington Humane Society)

Police in D.C. arrested three people on charges of animal cruelty, including a couple accused of starving a dog.

Police arrested Ronald Hamlin, 35, and Evelyn Hamlin, 37, of SE D.C., on March 26 for failing to provide their dog with proper food, space and necessary veterinary care.

In an unrelated case, police arrested Michelle Terrell, 26, of NE D.C., was arrested March 28 for cruelly abandoning her dog.

The Washington Humane Society reports that the Hamlins surrendered their dog, Rocky, to the humane society in very poor condition. Rocky was allegedly emaciated and his coat was stained with urine and feces. He was allegedly kept in a small crate for 15-20 hours a day.

Rocky is recovering and is now up for adoption.

Terrell is accused of leaving her dog gated in her bedroom apartment for at least four days. Authorities found the dog in the room with no food or water. The dog was eventually put down for behavioral issues.

Terrell was previously arrested in 2009 for leaving her dog tied up when she was away for three days, according to the Washington Humane Society. That dog died after it became entangled in its leash in 90 degree weather, the society reports.

“Innocent animals have suffered needlessly at the hands of callous abusers in our city. We believe that every animal matters and we look forward to bringing the perpetrators of these atrocious crimes to justice,” said Scott Giacoppo, Vice President and Chief Programs Officer, Washington Humane Society.