Ron Paul draws large crowds in Virginia rally

Ron Paul draws large crowds in Virginia rally

Ron Paul was in the region Tuesday night—attending an event in Springfield, Va.

Paul is one of only two names on the Virginia ballot, and the Texas congressman is hoping for a stellar showing.

Two-thousand people showed up for the rally at a Northern Virginia ballroom, with the Fire Marshall even having to turn some supporters away. Paul has been drawing big crowds like this across the country but the excitement, just hasn't translated to the polls yet.

A week from Super Tuesday, Paul is trying to make inroads among Virginia voters—like college student William Gallier, who likes Paul's stance on legalizing drugs.

“A lot of young people are fed up—they don’t see a difference between republicans and democrats,” Gallier said.

The Springfield rally drew a couple thousand enthusiastic supporters.

"I guess the revolution has arrived in Virginia and I am delighted it’s here,” Paul said.

Graduate student Melissa Giddings came down from Baltimore to see Paul speak.

“He definitely has a young following because he's talking about issues that are going to be important in the future,” Giddings said.

The Texas libertarian wants this momentum to carry forward to Virginia’s march sixth primary.

“What happens in a lot of places is that the college students that show up at his rallies, very excited, don't end up going to the polls,” said James Hohmann of Politico.
But Paul has just one competitor in next week's contest.

“What he has going for him in Va. is that it's him versus Mitt Romney there are a lot of republicans, a lot of conservatives who don't like Mitt Romney and so people I think can comfortably cast a protest vote for Ron Paul,” Hohmann said.

The anti-establishment candidate hopes to pick up a few key votes moving forward.

“People keep asking about winning states but we're still winning delegates and that's what counts,” Paul said.

Virginia is not one of these winner take all states—meaning there is a chance for Paul to pick some of those crucial delegates here next week.