Rocky Run Middle School pellet gun shooting injures two

Photo: Flickr/cliff1066

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Two students were injured Friday morning after they were shot with a pellet gun near a Chantilly middle school, police say.

Fairfax County Police say that four suspects are in custody in connection with the incident, which happened near Rocky Run Middle School in Chantilly just before 10 a.m. Fairfax Police say that a 14-year-old male and a 13-year-old female were the victims.

Both of the victims suffered what police are calling "superficial" injuries which are believed to be very minor, authorities say.

At least 100 students were outside the school for an end-of-the-year celebration. The group was about to go back inside when the shooting occurred. Police believe those suspected to be behind the shootings were in in the woods that border the school when they shot into the group.

"It's unnerving," Fairfax County Public Schools spokesman John Torre said. "100 or so kids were outside for awards and were going back inside when they were struck."

Officials say that they're unsure if the shooting happened on or off the Rocky Run campus. The shooting didn't happen inside the school, though, police say.

The school went into "secure the building" mode after the shooting and school officials sent two e-mails to parents informing them of the situation. The suspects were not students and Rocky Run, police say. Charges are pending against them while an investigation continues.

"We can't say they were targeted, but the point is you can get injured," Fairfax County Police spokesperson Lucy Caldwell said.

After the shooting, students were not allowed outside the school for the rest of the day. Officials say that the school's end-of-the-year dance will go on as scheduled Friday night.

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