Rockville water main break affects local businesses

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WJLA) - A water main broke in Rockville right around 9 a.m. on Friday morning, sending a small tributary rushing down Southlawn Lane. With the cold temperatures, a 12-inch main ruptured.

"We saw the water coming out of the tube, we were even scared to go next to was pretty bad," said Irene Khimov, who was in town for a hockey tournament.

Not far away, dozens of hockey families had come from up and down the east coast to the Rockville Ice Arena for the International Silver Sticks Hockey Tournament. And when they learned there was no water, they were a bit worried.

"We were a little afraid they might cancel it," said Irene, who had driven all the way from New York.

But just in time, the Rockville Fire Department brought in some water to keep the tournament afloat.

"We were able to provide some water for them to help run their facility -- by no means enough to provide bathrooms or restaurant, but at least enough to run the ice so the kids can play hockey," said Deputy Chief Jim Vagonis.

A delivery of port-a-potties saved the day too, and the young hockey players never missed a beat.

They were also making do at the nearby Montgomery County Animal Shelter, where workers shut down the kennel to visitors once they had no water or working bathrooms. The shelter then put out an SOS for help on its website – and it worked.

"The public has already donated some water, and we"re in fine shape and all the animals are well taken care of," assured CEO Cris Bombaugh.