Chandra Korapati dies in Rockville

Chandra Korapati died Thursday in Rockville.

Police investigating the suspicious death of a man in Rockville Thursday say no charges will be filed on Thursday.

Police say the man found dead inside a home in the 9800 block of Juniper Hill Road is Dr. Chandra Korapati, 50.

Neighbors in this Cul-de-sac of tightly packed big houses all say the same thing - that trouble had been brewing in this home for years.

Court records show Greenbelt internist Korapati, who lived here with his wife and two children, had been arrested during prior domestic disputes. There had been an order to stay away.

“The son and daughter reported they got into an altercation with our victim,” says Captain Jim Daly of the Montgomery County Police. “The cause and manner of death are under investigation by medical examiner’s office at this point. The son is the one who called 911 and reported it.”

The long time neighbors say that family had grown distant over the years. But it still hurts to see homicide detectives working the scene in a neighbor’s home.

“It’s terrible,” says neighbor Barbara Skardis. “It was a very nice family. The kids are wonderful. The boy and girl are wonderful kids.”

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