Rockville red light tickets increase with new technology

Red light tickets are on the rise in Rockville.

Brian Stephenson says he's been nabbed by the cameras twice in the last week.

“I moved up here like six months ago from Kentucky, and we don't have anything like that,” he says.

In 2012, nearly 18,000 tickets were issued, twice as many as the year before when 8,600 went out to drivers. The price tag for each ticket was $75.

The cameras at the intersection of West Gude Drive and Research Boulevard were responsible for the most citations.

Rockville police say new technology is the reason for the increase.

Last August, new camera systems were installed that capture new violations.

Drivers can now be ticketed for entering an intersection on a steady red light. They also have to pay up for going more than 13 miles an hour and go over the white stop bar on the road, even when making a right hand turn on red.

"You have people who think they're doing the right thing and they stop because they don't want to go through the intersection," said AAA Spokesman John Townsend. "And they stop and they still get a ticket..."

Rockville police say they've heard complaints, but add that they're just enforcing the law. Police say all violations are reviewed before any tickets are sent out.

AAA is trying to get Rockville officials to make changes to the red light camera light rules. But with the suburb generating nearly $1.5 million last year from tickets, driver habits may be the only thing that need to be changed.