Rockville Pike traffic lights out due to power outage

About 750 customers and several traffic lights in Rockville had their power knocked out Tuesday morning, fire and Pepco officials say.

Montgomery County Fire and Pepco officials say that a power pole and a series of wires came down in the area of Rockville Pike and Nicholson Lane at about 8:15 a.m., and another line came down at Montrose Parkway and Maple Avenue.

The issues caused the lights to go out for 741 customers and 26 traffic lights to fail.

However, Pepco spokesman Bob Hainey said that after a series of feeders went down, workers were able to reroute power and restore power to most of the lights and several hundred customers.

Officials say that permanent repairs will take a few more hours. In the meantime, officials urge drivers to be cautious and to treat dark intersections as four-way stops.