Rockville Mayor Bridget Newton clears homeowner's yard

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WJLA) - Pictures show the mini tundra created by a Rockville snow plow gone rogue.

And this icy snow piled four feet high and eight feet wide kept Rockville homeowner John Balzar from getting his mail on Friday:

"if I can't get to it, why should I expect the postman to get to it?" he asked.

Angry at the lack of snow clearing, the retired Los Angeles Times reporter sent a chilly email to Rockville City Hall – which landed in Mayor Bridget Newton’s inbox.

"A lot of people say the government doesn't listen," said Newton. "In Rockville, we do. I think we do a good job of that."

So while city crews tended to major streets, the Rockville Mayor grabbed her shovel and personally went to work in Balzar’s front yard.

"For a moment, something really great happened and it happened here in this place to me where a politician did something that was generous, kind and giving," said Balzar. "Now that I've seen her, I want to go help somebody else, and that's leadership."