Rockville house explosion: 911 call reveals neighbors rushing to help

An improperly installed clothes dryer caused the massive explosion that destroyed a Rockville home last week, seriously injuring the young couple inside.

A neighbor made the 911 call:

911 Operator: "And you said your neighbor is hurt?
Neighbor: “Yeah, my neighbor. She's on the ground, please send someone as fast as you can."

The man on the line is Ned Mihaylov, one of many neighbors who called for help as he came to the aid of the injured woman next door. He tells the operator he can smell gas.

"I don't think she knew what was going on,” Mihaylov said. On the 911 call, he can be heard telling the injured woman, "It's ok, they're coming. They're coming. Oh my God, you're hurt. Sit down sit down.”

“The whole house is burning,” Mihaylov tells the emergency operator.

Fire officials say the man who lived in the house was attempting to replace a gas-powered dryer with an electric model. He forgot to shut off the gas line after disconnecting it.

Part of the roof fell was scattered on top of another home across the street in the explosion.

Local electrician John Mobley will be working on some of the damaged homes on this street. He says some home improvement jobs look tempting to do yourself, but should always be left to the pros.