Rockin' the Rage teaches kids about respect and kindness

Getting the chance to play with professional basketball star Patrick Robinson, is cool.

But the students here at Shady Grove Middle School in Redland, Md. aren't just learning how to handle the ball. They're learning about respect and kindness.

"I encourage you to always try to help somebody else along your journey to becoming successful,” Robinson says.

Robinson and other athletes visit Maryland schools on behalf of "Rockin' the Rage."

"I let them know that all the endorsements or anything I've done, it's not because I was a great basketball player but it was because I was a nice person,” Robinson says.

And the message of "being nice" seems to be making a real difference.

"I like when Rockin' the Rage came to the school it was like, less mean and violent," says 8th grade student Ana Cabrera.

Michael Scarano founded Rockin' the Rage. Rage stands for Rejection, Aggression, Gossip and Exclusion.

"We come into the schools and work with the kids to give them tools to navigate through a difficult world," Scarano says.

And they see that good things happen when you stay positive and encourage each other.

Rockin’ the Rage is holding its Second Annual Youth Leadership Summit for Safe Schools on May 2nd in Rockville, MD. For more information on the event, click here.