Robyn Gardner's family holds vigil

August 2 will mark one year since Robyn Gardner mysteriously disappeared while on vacation in Aruba. Tuesday night, her family gathered, heartbroken, for a vigil for their loved one. 

Andrea Colson, Gardner's mother, said, "We'll continue to pray for Robin, for the answers we need and for closure of this devastating nightmare."

"It would help with the closure to get some answers, and it would definitely help the grieving process a little bit," added Gardner's brother, Andrew Colson.

One year later, the case seems no closer to being solved than it was near the beginning.

At the time of her disappearance, Gary Giordano, Gardner's travel partner, claimed she drowned while snorkling. Two hours after her disappearance, he reported her missing.

Soon after, Giordano became a suspect in the case, spending more than 100 days in jail. But the Maryland businessman was never charged.

Robyn's sister, Danielle, said the family has never given up hope despite the utter lack of clues.

"We have hope that she's still out there, and she'll come home," she said.

Giordano's name was not mentioned at the vigil.

The family instead focused on Gardner, a woman, they say, could light up a room and a great practical joker.

The family said it meant a lot that dozens of people were willing to cram into a room with no AC to think of their loved one.

Danielle added, "It was incredibly touching. People that didn't even know her came out."