Robyn Gardner missing: Lawyers to ask judge for Gary Giordano's release

      Gary V. Giordano has been held in an Aruban jail for more than two months. (Photo: Aruba Police)

      An Aruban judge has ordered Gary Giordano, the suspect in the disappearance of Robyn Gardner, to remain in jail while an investigation continues, CNN reports.

      Lawyers for a Gaithersburg man detained in Aruba in the presumed death of his travel companion appeared due back in court today to ask a judge to free their Giordano - a request the court rejected.

      Giordano is suspected in the disappearance of Gardner, a Frederick resident who disappeared in early August while traveling together on the Caribbean island.

      Authorities have yet to find her.{ }Giordano claims Gardner was swept away by the current while snorkeling. A judge had previously ordered Giordano detained for 60 days, an order which was due to expire soon.