Robin Pope missing from Queen Anne's County

A search is continuing Monday in Queen Anne's County for a woman who went missing over the weekend.

Maryland State Police officials say that Robin Pope, a Stevensville native, disappeared either Friday night or Saturday morning from her estranged husband's house. She has not been seen since and detectives say her disappearance is suspicious.

Pope, a 51-year-old dental hygienist and a mother of two, had gone to her estranged husband's house late Friday night to pick up some belongings. While she was there, her husband, Wayne, left the house. When he returned the next morning, Robin's car, purse, keys and other items were still at the house, but she and his dog were gone.

"There is no clear information as to what occurred, where she is and what happened," Maryland State Police spokesman Greg Shipley said.

Later in the weekend, Queen Anne's County Sheriff's officials found Wayne's dog, a Great Dane, dead in the water near a nearby pier. An examination of the dog, however, discovered that it had large tumors in its upper torso and did not die of external injuries or drowning, as previously thought.

While the search continues, neighbors have been left to wonder what happened to Robin. She's described as standing 5 feet 4 inches, weighing 105 pounds with dark hair.

"(Wayne) has no idea where his wife is at," neighbor Debbie Shaw said. "I feel for the whole family, especially the two daughters."

Investigators are now combing the area; their search includes the use of a sonar-equipped boat, dive teams and a helicopter looking for any sign of Robin. Anyone with information on where she may be is urged to contact Maryland State Police at (410) 758-1101.