Robin Pope found dead; investigation into death continues

All hopes that a Maryland woman would be found alive and well were dashed following the positive identification of her body this weekend. Now, investigators are working to determine what led to her death.

The yellow ribbons lining the roadway to Robin Pope's Kent Island home stood as a symbol of hope.

Three weeks ago, she was reported missing from her{ }estranged husband's home. He says she went to their home to pick up a few belongings. When he came home, her car was in the driveway, but she was nowhere to be found.

A fisherman spotted her body just barely a mile from her home Saturday.

Maryland State Police Spokesman Greg Shipley said, "The primary question for investigators is was there a crime, and if so, who's responsible."

Police sources say there were no visible signs of intentional trauma. Adding to the mystery is the death of Pope's beloved dog, Bella, who was also found dead along the beach at the same time Pope went missing.{ }

"He just looked like a wet dog...," said neighbor Michele Pierce. "You couldn't tell he was...ya, dead."

Pierce watched with heartache as officials pulled the Great Dane from the icy waters. She knew the dog had health issues, but she says neither Bella or Pope spent much time playing on the pier.