Roberto Cruz Gonzales sentenced to 40 years in prison for sexual assault

A Rockville man will spend the next 40 years in prison for a violent attempted rape and sexual assault. During the attack, police say, the victim bit the suspect's penis in self-defense, which allowed her to escape.

On Oct. 26, 2010, the victim was walking through the Aspen Hill Shopping Center when she noticed she was being followed by a Hispanic male, who was later identified as 20-year-old Roberto Cruz Gonzales. According to court documents, Gonzales attacked the victim from behind as she crossed Connecticut Avenue, placed a rope around her neck and forced her down an embankment.

Gonzales attempted to rape the victim but was unable to do so. Court documents state he then "forced his penis into the victim's mouth." The victim then bit his penis, possibly drawing blood, the document continues.

Gonzales reportedly screamed, hit the victim in the face several times and left the scene

Once he was identified and arrested, Gonzales was charged with first degree attempted rape, as well as first degree sexual offense. He pleaded guilty to the crime in Feb. 2012.

Upon his release, Gonzales must register as a sex offender, cannot have contact with the victim, cannot go near the Aspen Hill Shopping Center and must serve five years probation.

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