Robert Gordon, director of rec. center, charged with assault

The director of an Alexandria recreation center is charged with assaulting and 11-year-old child during a basketball game.

During the game at Charles Barret Recreation Center in Alexandria, two elementary school boys got into a fight on the court, ABC7 was told. Robert Gordon, the center's director, intervened. The 55-year-old was later taken to jail and charged with assault and battery.

William Chesley, parks and recreation director, said there were inappropriate remarks. Asked if Gordon said he touched the child in any way, Chesley replied 'there were comments to that effect, that there was some physical contact.'

Another employee, who wouldn't talk to ABC7 on camera, said he saw Gordon's hand touching the 11-year-old's back, and said the child fell to the floor and screamed. Police said Gordon picked the boy up with his hands and put him back down during the altercation.

"It was sort of a restraint, but in our business... it's not for us to intervene in a certain nature," said Chesley.

"I was surprised," said Karen Meyers, a parent at the center Gordon runs. "I was really surprised. We know a lot of kids that go to the rec center, but I've never really heard anything negative."

Gordon has worked for the city of Alexandria for the past 24 years as a director for various recreation centers as well as planning senior citizen programs.

Calls to Gordon weren't returned. He is currently out on bond and on administrative leave. As for the 11-year-old, that boy is back at the recreation center Thursday night for the talent show.