Robbers take electronics from Radio Shack

Leah Daniels of Hills Kitchen Specialty Store says her neighborhood was on alert soon after the frightening robbery of a local Radio Shack.

According to police, it was just before closing last night when three men, one armed with a handgun, rushed into the Radio Shack and ignored the register.

"They didn't rob them of cash but they made off with a large quantity of smart phone type devices and some iPads.,” says Commander Daniel Hickson of the MPD.

Robberies in this part of D.C. have soared in the last month. Gun robberies are up a hundred percent while non-gun robberies up even more.

The area is full of little specialty shops mostly privately owned and they're concerned, particularly since it's Christmas time.

"This time of the holiday you don't know what's going to talk in the door and give you a surprise," says Michael McFadyen.