Robbers strike in Tenleytown

Residents and shoppers in the Tenleytown section of D.C. are concerned after a string of crimes were committed in the busy neighborhood.

The most recent armed robbery was on Saturday evening between 5:30 and 6 p.m. on 43rd Street at Windom Place right in front of Susanna Barnett's house.

“Armed robbers -- we understand there were two, possibly three -- stepped out into the street with guns,” she says.

They robbed a passing motorist. Police now say the parties knew each other and residents are not at risk. But last month, just a few blocks down, a woman was walking home from the Tenleytown metro when she was assaulted and robbed.

Carol Piwowarski has lived here for 20 years and said it's always been a pretty safe neighborhood.

“The fact that there have been a number of these incidents makes me a little bit concerned,” Piwowarski says.

Last Wednesday, a woman walking along Nebraska Avenue near Wilson High School around 9 p.m. was robbed by three men, one brandishing a gun.

“We don't have any discernible patterns right now, that we can definitely say that all of the suspects are related,” says Lt. John Rucker of MPD.

But police say the holiday shopping and bustle in Tenleytown, combined with the proximity to major roads and Metro, make it easier this time of year for criminals.

Police urge people to stay alert and in well-traveled, well-lit areas.