Robberies near Nationals Park alarm fans, neighbors

Three robberies near Nationals Park this week have local baseball fans on alert.

Police say a group of juveniles attacked three people on Monday and Tuesday. At least one of the victims had just come from a Nationals game.

What has been described as gangs of teenagers have accosted people on the streets near the stadium and robbed them or beaten them while trying to rob them.

And it's raising concerns particularly for Nationals fans leaving night games. One fan reported on the neighborhood listserv that would-be robbers beat and chased him.

Neighborhood activist Naomi Monk says pedestrians should be careful at night. That's when all three of the attacks occurred, one late Monday when there was no game, two late Tuesday when there was a game.

"Do not walk in this area, particularly at night even when we have games," Monk says. "Generally it's a group of kids, five or six."

Police say they've made two arrests connected to one of the robberies.

D.C. Police Cmdr. Danny Hickson says detectives are following up and investigating the other two robberies.

Police say that Nats fans--or anyone else--don't have to wait until they're actually attacked to call police. You can call if you're suspicious.