Rob Sobhani renews calls for inclusion into Cardin, Bongino debate

Rob Sobhani. (Photo courtesy Rob Sobhani campaign)

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - An independent candidate for U.S. Senate in Maryland is renewing his call to be included in debates between Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin and Republican challenger Dan Bongino.

In asking to join the two major-party candidates in their debates, independent Rob Sobhani is citing recent poll results that show he is as competitive as Bongino. Sobhani announced his candidacy earlier this month and is running television ads.

The Cardin and Bongino campaigns are working on the details for debates. Carla Graham, a spokeswoman for Bongino's campaign, says planning has involved the two campaigns that went through the primary election process.

Maryland's primary was held in April, months before Sobhani entered the race.