Riverdale apartment building condemned due to storm damage

The Riverdale apartment complex

RIVERDALE, Md. (AP/ABC7) - Hundreds of people who were temporarily displaced after their Riverdale apartment building was condemned earlier this week were allowed back into their homes late Thursday night.

County environmental officials said Thursday that the 65-unit complex at 5313 Riverdale Road had been condemned because of residual problems stemming from the recent storms. However, officials said Thursday night that 43 units in the building had been declared safe and that residents were being allowed back inside immediately.

However, residents in the 22 apartments that remained unlivable were told that it could be as many as 12 weeks until they're allowed back in.

The order came nearly two weeks after the June 29 derecho swept through the greater D.C. area, leaving widespread damage across the region and knocking out power for millions. Officials say that the roof of the building was blown off during the storm and was repaired by a contractor, but the patch didn't hold during a subsequent storm.

The evacuations happened after emergency officials responded to the building Wednesday night after receiving a 911 call for a water leak. Forty of the units in the building have water damage, and officials say a crane has been brought in to try to repair the roof more substantially.