Rising water, sinkholes in Loudoun Co. trap workers, close roads

LEESBURG, Va. (WJLA) – At the height of the storm Thursday night, a witness tells ABC7 that the water on this roadway was about four feet high.

It is receding now, but remains too high to drive through. Three dozen workers from several NJHF companies are reportedly trapped back at the end of Sycolin Road, waiting for the water to recede enough that they can attempt to drive out.

Around 5 p.m., the creek along Sycolin Road was so swollen that water ran over its banks and onto the roadway. Witnesses tell us that at one point, a worker in his pickup truck was trying to drive through it when he got stuck – and onlookers called for help.

Before the Swift Water Rescue Team could arrive, a reluctant witness tells us that he and several other good Samaritans were able to get the man out:

"Had to get out and hook the vehicle out and pull him out...Water was midway up the doors and coming inside."

Another section of Loudoun County also took a beating in this storm, with a double sinkhole on either side of Dry Mill Road. The ground around the area is adjacent to a creek and still sinking, and VDOT has since shut down that road from Woodburn to Thomas Mill.

At the height of rush hour, there were about half a dozen road closures in Loudoun County, snarling commuters for hours. According to VDOT, Dry Mill Road will require extensive repairs, and they are working on an emergency plan.

As for the road closure, workers are still waiting for the water to recede enough so that they can drive through their only way out.