Ripken abduction: Cal Ripken Jr. calls mother's abduction 'bizarre, unsettling'

The suspect in the Ripken kidnapping was caught on camera at a Maryland Walmart. Photo: Harford County Sheriff

BALTIMORE (AP/ABC7) - Cal Ripken Jr. says his family and the police are still searching for answers about the kidnapping of his mother last week, a crime he called "bizarre" and unsettling.

At a news conference Friday in Baltimore, Ripken appealed for the public's help in locating the man responsible for kidnapping his 74-year-old mother, Vi, at gunpoint. Vi Ripken was found unharmed in her car, but Ripken says she remains shaken up and is too traumatized to return home.

Ripken says his 74-year-old mother is doing "pretty well" and has been comforted by family members since her kidnapping last week; however, she hasn't returned to the home from where she was taken.

"The worst fear was that it was here that was tied up in the back of the car," Ripken said. "Mom was taken at gunpoint. We don't know why."

The Hall of Fame infielder appeared to choke up as he described a phone call from his sister last week indicating that his mother might be missing. He said it was "a horrible night."

The Hall of Fame infielder told ABC's "Good Morning America" on Friday that his mother Vi is a tough woman, but her sense of security has been violated. He says she has not yet returned to her home in Aberdeen

Ripken's 74-year-old mother, Vi, told police last week that she had been forcibly abducted from her Aberdeen home, blindfolded and driven around by her kidnapper.

She was found safe in her car the next morning. Aberdeen police have released video and a sketch of a suspect.

"It was like finding a needle in a haystack," Ripken said. "(We were) harboring ourselves to the worst possibility."

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