Rims, tires stolen from Arlington vehicles

(Courtesy David Tomlinson)

In the last few weeks, several Arlington residents have woken up the victims of theft. The rims and tires of their vehicles stolen, and the vehicle left suspended on cinder blocks.

"I've never seen anything like this in this neighborhood," said Jamie Fobert of Arlington.

The original tires and rims of a Dodge Magnum in Fobert's neighborhood along 27th Street South were stolen a few days ago.

"As I walked out, I could tell the car was up on cinder blocks," Fobert said.

The now discarded cinder blocks are a stark reminder to residents unaccustomed to such a crime.

Fobert added, "It's a pretty safe neighborhood, so I am really surprised that this happened here. It's kind of scary."

In fact, police say the incident is just one of six they're investigating over the last several weeks.

A large SUV was hit right across the street from the busy Pentagon Row shopping district.

A year ago, David Tomlinson says he saw a group of bandits swiping the tires off his Dodge Challenger.

"They had masks on, gloves on; they jumped into the back of a truck," Tomlinson recalled.

They fled with only two of his tires. He believes they returned Sunday night; they got all four this time, a value of over $2,000. Tomlinson even had wheel locks, but the thieves found the key hidden in the car.

"I looked over, and the first thing I saw was no wheels on my car," Tomlinson said. "And the windows busted out."

While his car gets repaired, Tomlinson plans on buying something else{ }just in case the thieves return a third time - a security system with a camera.{ }

Tomlinson said, "And if they're going do that to the car, who knows what else they'll do...I'm going to be on the look out, I guess."