Ride for Life to raise money for breast cancer

We're used to seeing horses racing—or even grazing in a field—but, to watch a horse dance to music at something many say is magical.

You can see this type of horse dancing—or dressage—in person this weekend at the Prince George's Equestrian Center.

“It will be freestyle dressage riders, all to music, so it’s very exciting, very fun, very much like dancing,” said organizer Jeannette Bair.

But this dance competition is for charity. It's called “Ride for Life”—a fundraiser started by a woman by the name of Pat Artimovich—a breast cancer survivor who dreamed of riding horses while she was going through her treatment.

“It was her healing process to know that she would get back on a horse,” said Deb Stewart, a nurse at Johns Hopkins Breast Center.

It’s horsemanship and healing—but, most importantly helping. All net proceeds from the event go to the John's Hopkins Avon Foundation Breast Center.

“What we give in care is based on studies, interviews, on all kinds of things and it takes money,” Stewart said.

Stewart is a nurse, but is also a two-time breast cancer survivor. She says the thousands of dollars Ride for Life has previously raised helps with research, but also, important programs and retreats for patients.

“It’s one thing to get thru breast cancer, it’s another thing to live your life. I'm a long time survivor and it was years of trying to figure out what just happen to me? How am I moving forward? Will that happen again? So there's lots of fear of recurrence,” Stewart said.

The event will feature several family-oriented events including a dinner, silent auction, pony rides and of course the dancing horse challenge.

“When I saw how wonderful the benefit was and how incredible it made people feel - it was just such a fantastic part of the event I just wanted to become more involved,” said organizer Michele Wellman.

The 9th annual ride for life takes place this Saturday and Sunday and tickets are still available.