Rick Curl abuse wasn't reported by University of Maryland, report says

Curl received 7 years in prison on abuse charges earlier in May. Photo: ABC7

The University of Maryland demanded that prominent swim coach Rick Curl resign in the late 1980s rather than turning him into police after learning that he sexually abused a teen swimmer, the Washington Post reports.

The Post says that in 1988, just after Curl became the swim coach at Maryland, the parents of Kelley Davies, the girl who was abused by Curl while under his watch, provided evidence to the school that the coach had abused their daughter.

In a series of notes, the woman who then served as Maryland's in-house counsel said that the school had no legal obligation to report Curl's alleged abuse because the victim had passed the age of 18, no longer making her a minor.

Davies came forward with allegations of abuse more than two decades after it happened, leading to Curl's arrest, banishment from USA Swimming and subsequent guilty plea. He pleaded guilty to the charges in early February and was sentenced to 7 years in prison on May 23.