Richard Lee sentenced for armored car robbery

A 32-year-old man was sentenced Tuesday to more than nine years in prison for his role in robbing a Brink’s armored truck, authorities said.

Richard Lee, of D.C., had earlier pleaded guilty to armored car robbery. He was sentenced to nine years, two months in prison.

David Reddix, 23, and Tyronda Ferrell, 23, also pleaded guilty in connection with the robbery. Both men were sentenced to 80 months in prison.

Authorities said Farrell, who was a guard for Brinks, was a longtime friend of Reddix. The two men plotted to rob the truck and brought in Lee, authorities said.

The robbery was carried out in September 2010 in Northern Virginia while Farrell was working in the truck as a guard. The three were arrested shortly after the robbery.