RGIII's mother co-hosts new D.C. radio show

(WJLA) - Another Griffin can be found, and in this case rather than on the field, she can be heard among the airwaves of Washington, D.C.

"When I first started out, I was very nervous -- but I just prayed about it," she said.

Jacqueline Griffin, mother of RGIII, now co-hosts a weekly radio show called R-3 Solutions. That’s right – there’s no “G.”

"R-3 stands for real people, real experience, real results...helping entrepreneurs take their business to the next level," Jackie explained.

Jacqueline does the show with local entrepreneur, Darnell Lee:

"I think it’s an awesome opportunity to make the public aware of how they can start small businesses. We even talk about a little spirituality, and we talk about sports."

"Even though my son is the quarterback of the Redskins, we owe it to the community that we live in to serve them," said Jackie.

As for what her son thinks about mom’s new gig:

"He's all for it... He's like, mom go do it!"

And while RGIII has proven to be a media and Madison Avenue darling, his mother is slowly warming up to her new media status:

"I want to be a positive influence in the media...Not saying that the media is negative, just saying that my role, I want to be a positive role model."

As expected, the conversation may sway to RGIII, though Jacqueline hopes for listeners to take away a whole lot more:

"I hope that they take away the knowledge that Darnell and I are providing them with and use it to empower them to move forward in their dreams..."