RGIII injury: Fans react to knee injury

RGIII’s knee injury is the talk of the town. During the Sunday loss to Seattle, some fans were wondering if he would be taken out of the game. Now they’re wondering how severe the injury is.

From sports bars to pizza joints and cigar bars, all of downtown Bethesda is Monday night quarterbacking. The consensus: RGIII never should have played the whole game Sunday night.

“Looking back on it this morning we should have put Kirk Cousins in there,” says Kevin Pernell.

“I think Kirk Cousins would have done the job. We were up 14 points. He would have managed the game and gotten a win for the city,” says Mark Dove.

Faithful fans are going over Sunday’s playoff game play-by-play.

“He should have been out of the game, minimum half time. And when he came back in it was beyond me how they were going to proceed,” says Gary Rebum.

Now as fans wait to hear the real deal on their rookie quarterback’s knee, they seem worried and a little sad.

“It’s about the future of the Redskins,” says Jonathan Lampros. “You’re looking at a franchise player, first year making all kinds of rookie results.”