RG2: RG3's dad speaks about raising his son

Robert Griffin II talks with ABC7's Leon Harris about Robert Griffin III.

When{ }Washington Redskins quarterback { }Robert Griffin III screws up on the field, his father lets him know it.

And Robert Griffin the 2nd says he regularly reminds his son of the importance of learning from his mistakes.

“I scout Robert if I see something, (because if){ }it becomes consistent it's a tendency, (and) I tell Robert,” RG2 says.

As parents, the Griffins always put their children first - spending as much time together as a family as possible.

Early on, the proud father knew his little Robert was gifted athletically.

“I think Robert was 10, (and) Robert spinned and used left hand like Dr. J did against Kareem and threw the ball up," { }RG2 says of his son as well as NBA legends Julius Erving and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar . “I've done a lot of what Dr. J has done, but never that - and at 10 years old - he's 10, the ball is big and he did it.”

RG2 committed to being Robert's biggest fan and supporter, sometimes going to great lengths, like during his first month at Baylor when Robert didn't have a driver's license. RG2 would drive 74 miles every morning to pick him up take him to practice. When they were finished, he would bring his son back to his dorm room.

And now, as RG3 prepares to get married and maybe start his own family, RG2 has this advice for his son and other dads hoping to raise successful children.

“I would say use their wisdom, all their hard knocks they went through in their lifetime - those are things children should never reproduce,” RG2 says.