Rev. Al Sharpton: '2013 is eerily similar to 1963'

WASHINGTON (WJLA) -- The Union Temple Baptist Church in Southeast D.C. was at the center of the rally celebrating the 1963 March on Washington. Yet many there on Tuesday night know the march only from history books. Half a century later:

"I wasn't here when Martin Luther King spoke in the March on Washington; my parents were, so it's important for me to be here," said Carolyn Gambel.

Pastor Willie Wilson of the Union Temple Baptist Church said: "It's important that those of us in the Washington metro area come out in great numbers...You are the rallying team."

The church is trying to reconnect the 2.0 generation and harness growing discontent into action. Tonisha Gamble of Washington D.C. says she isn’t learning anything about the civil rights movement in college.

"Washington has quietly become segregated more than it was in 1963," observed District resident Jeff Canady.

And it was Reverend Al Sharpton’s spirited words that engulfed the crowd, insisting that the “Stand Your Ground” law, the Supreme Court gutting the Voting Rights Act, and the 'Stop and Frisk' actions all make 2013 appear eerily similar to 1963.

"I'm hoping people will sit back and remember what Dr. King stood for, and have tolerance for each out other," said Jeannette Mobley.