Retiring firefighter's final ride is a family affair

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WJLA) - Montgomery County Master Firefighter Steve Wiseman is making one of the last calls of his 35-year career, one of the most special.

On Thursday, Wiseman took a ride on the fire truck with his sons, Jason and John Wiseman. Both{ } followed him into the fire service and rose up through the ranks of Prince George’s County Fire Department.

“There’s not a prouder person on this piece than me that my sons are following in my footsteps like they are. It just doesn’t get more rewarding than that,” the eldest Wiseman said. “I raised them on two things I knew, and that was baseball and the fire department.”

Riding with his sons is memorable, but bittersweet, he said.

Over the years, he’s passed up promotions so he could always be there for his sons but that didn’t mean passing up the opportunity to help people.

In 2013, he rescued eight people using only a single ladder. That was one of his most memorable calls, Steve Wiseman said.

Other firefighters have given him the name, “Superman” because he seems to things that no other person can do.

“He’s probably the most passionate person in this career out there and he still says to this day, ‘I love waking up and going to work.’” his son, Lt. Jason Wiseman said.

Now as one season of his life draws to a close, he prepares for another role, one of full-time grandfather.

“I’ve been blessed with a great family the fire department is my second famly and I’ve been blessed with a great career,” Steve Wiseman said.