Reston-based Truland Systems suddenly closes its doors after more than a century in business

RESTON, Va. (WJLA) –Truland Systems, a Reston-based institution that describes itself as the tenth-largest electrical contractor in the country, has abruptly closed down, leaving hundreds of employees without jobs.

Outside the Reston headquarters of a major player in the world of electrical contracting—Truland Systems is involved in projects on five continents—ABC 7 News found its employees heading out for good.

Some workers said they received an email Sunday night, the content of which left them shaken and confused. Many were told not to bother showing up to work on Monday.

“We’re liquidating,” said former Truland Systems employee Bob Blair. “Most of us were told our last day was last Friday. So, I’m done.”

While a car remained in the Truland Systems CEO’s parking space for much of the day Monday, the exodus from the company headquarters continued.

“A lot of people got affected,” said Truland Systems Consultant Abhi Matthew. “It’s really sad, it’s really sad.”

Truland Systems has a storied history in the region, dating back to 1909—the very dawn of the electrical era. Nationals Park and the glimmering Arena Stage are among its high-profile customers.

Prior to its sudden closure, Truland Systems provided a livelihood for scores of technical and support personnel.

ABC 7 News reached out to management at Truland Systems headquarters and was repeatedly told, “No comment.” The company operates a number of offices throughout the region. ABC 7 News received no response from these other offices, including one in Richmond.