Residents isolated by outage as power returns for neighbors

In College Park, a man waits for his power to return. But, his neighbors have had it back for a while.

In Laurel, customers dine at a Chipotle on Route 1 while looking at dark, closed businesses across the street.

Yes, the power is coming back on, but it’s very spotty.

"It gets frustrating when you and maybe three other houses are the ones that don't have power,” said College Park resident David Asselin.

As of Tuesday night, not only had Asselin’s house been without power since Friday, but he hadn’t been able to drive his car anywhere because it was trapped by debris from a tree that fell onto power lines in front of his home.

Asselin has watched more and more lights come back on in his Hollywood neighborhood while his place has stayed in the dark.

Wendell Washington is in a similar situation in Laurel. Although areas close to him to the north and to the south have electricity, he’s been without it since Friday night.

He was running a generator to help save his frozen food when ABC7 talked to him Tuesday night.

“We’re holding up,” Washington said. “It could be worse.”

As the number of homes without power goes down, the seeming randomness of who has power and who doesn’t has many residents wondering.

In many cases, one neighbor may be sweltering while the other sits in air conditioning.

The hope is by this weekend there will be very little people still without power. In Laurel Tuesday night crews were working to try to make that happen, but for at least one more day homes like Washington’s are dark.