Residents displaced by Christmas Day fire in Southeast

A group of neighbors are in a hotel after a fire destroyed their homes on Christmas Day.

The fire happened on 21st Place in Southeast D.C.

"I had turkey in the on the stove cooking," said 65-year-old Tish Dildy-Harris.

Now she can barely tell what's left behind.

"I kept smelling smoke and when I looked, I saw the fire," she recalled.

She quickly called 911 while her neighbors tried to put out the fire Dildy-Harris believes started in the furnace.

Dildy-Harris can now barely walk through the already small apartment that has no power, water or gas.

"This is what we have left...basically nothing," she added.

On the same day as the fire, Dildy-Harris had been trying to fix the caved-in ceiling.

She continued, "We still sticking together and praying that God is going to work this out for us...This was a Christmas Day that will never be forgotten."

The Red Cross placed her and four of her neighbors in a hotel.

Hattie Walker, 76, says she's just thankful no one was hurt.

"God blessed us to still have life, and that's a thank you to Him," Walker said.

With dropping temperatures, the group worries where they'll end up. They can only stay at the hotel until Saturday.