Residents, D.C. Public Works prepare for flooding

As Monday's high winds shook the trees to announce the oncoming storm, D.C. Water and Public Works busied themselves trying to keep the sewers of Bloomingdale open.

They swept away leaves and other debris that might serve as obstructions and cleared catch basins.

D.C. Water and Public Works' Charles Kiely said, "We've actually had crews out here from the last couple of days in the Bloomingdale area making sure that the catch basins are clean and making sure that the sewers are running freely."

Residents moved their vehicles to higher ground, hoping there would be no flood like last time. The last storm left Michael Thomas with four feet of water in his basement.

"I've been uneasy for the last few days about it and hoping we don't get what we got last time," Thomas said. "I'm making preparation, moving the car, getting the sandbags up and kind of hunkering down waiting for the storm. "

D.C. Water and Public Works provided sandbags for residents who wanted them, delivering them right to their front doors.

The rain came around 3 p.m., and was very intense for several minutes.

Fifteen minutes of intense rain can overwhelm the system, D.C. Water and Public Works adds.

But it did not last that long, leaving the streets clear of flood water.