Rescued bald eagle takes flight

The eagle as she is released. (Photo courtesy Johanna Petrosky/VA State Parks)

A young bald eagle took flight Thursday in Fairfax County for the first time after being found injured several months ago.

In May, the raptor was found on the ground with injuries. It was taken to a rehabilitation specialist who treated the eagle.

Thursday, the eagle is fully recovered and was released at Mason Neck Park in Fairfax County.

Ed Clark, president of the Wildlife Center, said more eagles are rehabilitated now because the awareness is greater than it’s ever been.

“For me the thrill that I get from releasing an eagle is watching the people,” he said.

The release of this eagle means she will be in great company. Fairfax County at Mason Neck Park is considered one of the top ten places in the entire country to spot bald eagles.

“It was a very special moment when he threw the bird up in the air and it just kinda spread its wings and just watching it fly,” said Johanna Petrosky of Virginia State Parks.

File photo of bald eagle. (Photo: Associated Press)