2 dead after Calvert County, Md. boating accident

Two boaters died after their vessel capsized in the Chesapeake Bay Friday afternoon.

At around noon, the 23-foot fishing boat capsized in the bay Breezy Point Beach. Four boaters total were rescued from the water.

Earlier in the day, authorities reported that three of the boaters were in critical condition and one was in stable condition. This changed when authorities reported at about 7 p.m. that two of the boaters died.

All three men reported in critical condition at the time are brothers. The fourth is the son-in-law of the boat owner.

Marina owner Mike Strandquist got a call for help from another boat, and called 911. “One of our customers brought the boat in with the victim on board. We gave him blankets until the ambulance got here,” he said. “He was responsive, very cold.”

The men, believed to be in their 60s, are from Pennsylvania. One of the men swan about a mile to safety while the others were rescued.

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