Republian Lieutenant Governor nominee E.W. Jackson in NoVa tonight

ARLINGTON, Va. (WJLA) - As campaign workers prepare E.W. Jackson’s performance on the Northern Virginia stage, his aides believe that Tuesday night is a true opportunity to shine.

But Jackson, a long-time minister and lawyer, will be debating in a part of the state less friendly to his strongly conservative views than the rest of Virginia.

Jackson has repeatedly made inflammatory remarks criticizing non-Christians, as well as people who support abortion rights, yoga, and gay individuals.

He is going up against Democratic candidate Ralph Northam, a state senator and child neurologist from Norfolk.

A new Washington Post poll shows that the race is very close, with Northam up 45-percent to Jackson’s 42-percent.

But Northam’s campaign advisors insist that tonight’s debate is about their candidate’s vision and not their opponent’s views.