Report: White House fence jumper on south grounds 15 minutes before being caught

Jonathan Tran (Sketch by Bill Hennessy/AP photo)

WASHINGTON (ABC7) - A new report released Friday reveals the White House fence jumper was on the south grounds for 15 minutes prior to being caught, according to CNN.

Jonathan Tran, 26 of Milpitas, California was identified by police as the White House intruder, according to a March 11 Associated Press story.

Tran jumped over the White House fence at 11:38 p.m. on Friday night, telling Secret Service officers he was a "friend of the president, and had an appointment." He was arraigned on March 11 and faces charges for entering a restricted area, and carrying a dangerous weapon , according to previous reports.

The AP reported on March 11 police found two cans of Mace on Tran.

According to the CNN report, Tran set off several alarms, but avoided other censors. He was able to find "vulnerabilities in the alarm system" because the response time was "lacking."

CNN adds Secret Service agents responded to the alarm, but Tran already made it beyond a Secret Service post getting closer to the White House.

Tran then jumped the White House gate near an East Wing guard area that isn't routinely staffed, according to CNN.

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