Report: MPD makes changes to use of force policies

Report: MPD makes changes to use of force policies (File Photo)

From the Terrance Sterling shooting, to the Inauguration Day protests-- sometimes Metropolitan Police Department officers are the targets of use of force complaints.

In 2016, District leaders sent MPD 38 recommendations to cut down on use of force problems. This new report shows what MPD has changed, what it is working on and what it will not change.

MPD implemented 15 recommendations, it implemented 13 partially and five are still being worked on. The remaining five recommendations will not be implemented because the department disagrees with the recommendation.

For example, MPD does not agree that it should investigate every time an officer takes a suspect down. It only believes “takedowns” that result in a complaint should be investigated. It also disagrees serious use of force investigations must be completed within six months.

MPD has agreed to classify neck restraints as a serious use of force. It also agrees to cut down on the number of police dog chases.

Read the report in full below:

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