Report: Gov. Bob McDonnell, wife received $120,000 from donor

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell can’t seem to catch a break.

For weeks now, the governor has been dogged by accusations that he used state employees to run personal errands and accepted thousands of dollars in gifts without reporting them, among other issues.

Donor issues were raised once again on Wednesday when The Washington Post reported that a prominent donor gave McDonnell’s corporation $70,000 and the governor didn’t disclose it.

The donor, Jonnie Williams, Sr., also gave a $50,000 check to McDonnell’s wife Maureen that was previously unknown, the Post reports.

Williams is the head of Star Scientific and is at the center of a federal investigation looking into the donations to McDonnell.

The governor's communication director responded to the newest allegations, saying, "the loan to the first lady was disclosed in accordance with Virginia's reporting requirements. Loans to businesses are not required to be disclosed. And Virginia law does not require the reporting of gifts to family members."

The fallout to the latest accusations were felt almost immediately. Arlington State Sen. Barbara Favola told NewsChannel 8’s Bruce DePuyt Wednesday morning that McDonnell should step down, saying that she sees “no point” in the governor finishing his term.

“I have to believe the governor doesn't really understand what accountability and transparency is. And how important it is to governing the state,” Favola says.