Repeated bike thefts in Logan Circle

A bike stand.

Logan Circle’s Kent McCarthy walked to work on a beautiful Monday recently because last week, three men entered his apartment building, went to a garage and stole his $1,000-bike.

The same guys allegedly stole another of his bikes – from the same spot – earlier this year. And McCarthy said he’ll stop at nothing to nail them.

He plans to share the surveillance video taken of the theft with the police so they can use it to track down the suspects. He’s posted dozens of flyers around town with dozens of pictures of the suspects. And he’s bulked up the surveillance of his apartment garage. This way, he’ll be ready of the suspects return.

“We're trying to be civil to each other and I just want to prevent this from happening to future people,” he said.

Since posting the flyers, McCarthy hasn’t received any leads. But he has gotten calls from neighbors who also recently had bike stolen. They believe that the thefts could be related.