Renee-Nicole Douceur leaving Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore

Douceur was being treated at Johns Hopkins Hopsital in Baltimore since her rescue.

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — The engineer evacuated from a South Pole research station has been cleared to leave a hospital and is heading to Vermont to stay with friends as she recovers from a stroke.

Renee-Nicole Douceur tells The Associated Press in an email she's leaving Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland on Wednesday. She plans to return for a checkup in a month. She's heading to the Stowe area.

Douceur said there was nothing conclusive to determine what caused the stroke. Doctors believe she will make a near-full recovery.

The 58-year-old nuclear engineer from Seabrook was coordinating an emergency air drop at her research station in August when suddenly her vision faltered. She asked for an emergency evacuation but officials rejected her request because of bad weather. She was evacuated last month.